The AB800 device measures the specific reaction surface of powdered materials using  the Blaine method.  In the Blaine method, the permeability of a defined volume and mass of material are measured providing information on both  the porosity and particle size of a particular material.  This is often a more meaningful measurement than particle size alone when attempting to understand the available reaction surface of a material.

The AB800 performs the  measurement using the following process:

  1. Gravimetric dosing
  2. Weighing
  3. Compression of material
  4. Permeability measurement
  5. Calculation of Blaine values based on calibration and material type.

Key Benefits Include

  • Can be calibrated for up to 16 different material types
  • Capable of measuting > 6 samples/hr
  • Can be fitted with 30 position sample rack
  • Fully enclosed safe automatic operation
  • Can be operated as standalone unit or included in fully automated lab or at-line container
     Watch the AB800 Video