The New Benchmark in Automated XRD Sample Preparation


The ASP 100 is an automated sample press uniquely designed for the optimal preparation of samples for quantitative analysis by X-ray Diffraction (XRD). This press uses patented technology to minimize problems with preferred orientation and sample height displacement common to quantitative XRD analysis.

  • Minimize preferred orientation errors
  • Minimize sample height displacement errors
  • Patented technology
  • Fully automated modular unit
  • Used as stand alone or incorporated into automated laboratory                                             

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The Problem with Preferred Orientation


Quantitative XRD analysis can be effected from the preferred orientation of mineral phases such as clays and micas that disproportionately bias the signal from those phases causing errors. Pressing samples at high pressure also can increase this error.  Most analysts address this issue through a method called back loading where the sample is loaded into a sample holder from the back applying minimal pressure to the sample surface.  This approach, while effective requires a skilled, practice and is rather slow and will be operator depended.  Some automated solutions are available, but those devices require pressures of at least 5T be applied to the sample leading to suboptimal results.

  Preferred Orientation in XRD Analysis



The ASP 100 Difference


The ASP 100 was designed to change the status quo in XRD sample preparation.  The instrument employees a patented "soft press" technology to press samples at pressures below 10kg (0.01T) similar to that applied by hand in the back loading method. Additionally, the system uses a sample randomization technology and textured sample press tool to virtually eliminate all but the most severe preferred orientation in samples. This approach also produces a consistently flat sample surface with high precision from sample to sample therefore reducing errors caused by variations in  sample height displacement. 


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 Product Overview

The ASP100 is an automated soft-pressing machine and it prepares high-quality pressed samples for quantitative XRD using the Rietveld Method.
The benefit of soft pressing is that it reduces preferred orientation and selective segregation of particles during pressing of the sample. Soft-pressing makes it possible to prepare samples without the use of grinding aid or a binder. This avoids bias in the Rietveld analysis, especially for samples containing clays, micas and/or other plate shaped minerals or amourphous materials.
Automated thorough cleaning of all parts prevents risk of contamination.
The press comes with different type of pressing surface (smooth, textured) depending on sample characteristics and customer requirements.
The applications are: XRD, NIR, Color measurements and ED XRF for various industries – minerals, cement, fine chemicals.


The ASP 100 automated sample press is equipped with a 6 position sample magazine or optionally a 12 position magazine and can prepare up to 15 sample/ hour.  The pressing parameters can be customized to difference sample types and the instrument can store up to 12 unique pressing programs. The automated press is capable of operating as a standalone unit or be connected to a fully automated robotic lab system.


Technical Data

Dimensions (HxWxD):

1300 x 800 x 650 mm, (1553 x 800 x 650 mm with operator panel)


280 kg

Measured material

Dry, pulverised material, non-sticky

Pressing  force

A total pressure of 1.4 to 5.8 in standard equipment; if the input pressure is 7 bar, a total pressure of 7 is achieved.

Option: A total pressure of 10.6 with an input pressure of 6 bar.


The machines support standard ring sizes, either (a) or (b):

(a) Outer diameter: 40 mm, height: 14 mm, (inside diameter: 30 mm)

(b) Outer diameter: 51.5 mm, height: 8.5 mm, (inside diameter: 30 mm)


Input sample

Funnel (D: 60 mm)

Dedusting connection

D: 80 mm

Sample volume

10 cc minimum

Sample Capacity

> 15 samples per hour

Power Supply

100-230 Vac (± 15 %), 50-60 Hz, max. 600 VA

Compressed air

Clean, dry, 0.6 MPa, max. 40 l/cycle


2.3 m3/min, -16 to -32 kPa

Machine control

Machine controller with operator panel


Ethernet for remote control

Operating conditions

Temperature: 10-35 °C, Humidity: <90 % at 10 to 22 °C, lower at higher T




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 ASP 100 Soft Press for XRD