The Centaurus  Combined Mill and Press

The fully automatic Centaurus  produces pressed powder pellets from granular materials such as raw meal, clinker, cement, ore, slag and mine exploration samples for XRFanalysis.

  • Complete sample preparation including milling doing and pressing and cleaning
  • Improves sample to sample reproducibility
  • Improves XRF analysis by reducing grain size effects
  • Cost effective automation

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The Benefit of Automated Pressed Pellet Preparation

Sample preparation is next to sampling the potential single greatest source of error in quantitative X-ray analysis and the good sample preparation requires attention to detail through a number of repetitive and tedious tasks including grinding, sample weighing and dosing, pressing and cleaning of the apparatus for the next sample.  The Centaurus is designed to automate all of tedious and labor intensive tasks associated with preparing pressed pellets to insure high quality analyses sample after sample.



Flexibility and Functionality

Not all materials are created equal and different materials require different grinding, pressing, dosing and cleaning routines so the Centaurus was designed with the ability to create up to 100 unique sample preparation programs that can be stored in the instrument.


Grinding is a heat intensive process and heating up of the mill can cause   improperly grinding, slowing production or resulting in sub optimal sample preparation.  The Centaurus is the only mill and press designed with the option of both air and water cooling to insure appropriate temperate during the grinding process and preventing inconsistencies in your sample preparation process.


Cooling_air_V2_b_-_Copy_-_Copy_-_Copy                   Cooling_water_V2_b

 Air Cooling                                                   Water Cooling

Centaurus  is also unique in its ability to grind sample material without pressing it, or to press sample material without grinding it. This full functionality allows it to better adapt to the different types of samples that enter your laboratory.

The instrument is capable of preparing up to 10 samples /hour from course material to finished pressed pellet ready for analysis. The automated system reduces labors costs while minimizing errors introduced during tedious and repetitive tasks performed during manual sample preparation.



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The Centaurus is designed to make automated sample preparation accessible to more laboratories while preserving the ability to grow with your laboratories automation needs. The instrument can be operated as a standalone unit or in a fully automated laboratory with minimal additions.


 FLSmidth’s Centaurus  automatic sample preparation machine combines laboratory mill and press functions into a compact, easy-to operate unit. Centaurus  consists of an automatic fine grinding mill and an automatic pelletising press. The components for both these main functionalities are integrated in a space-saving and ergonomically designed (award winning) housing with a footprint of only 1 m2.








1,700 x 1000 x 1000mm


Weight Approx.

1300 kg





Made of tungsten carbide (WC)


Pellet press


Pneumohydraulic unit with ramping function,

adjustable pressure: 6 kN - 20 kN





3 x 380 - 460 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 6 kW; control

voltage 24 V DC, Insulation IP54



Embedded CPU Beckhoff CX5020




Up to 10 samples per hour with typical cement

sample prep parameters





<6 mm particle size, < 0.5 % H2O, none-sticky,

none - hygroscopic





to ISO 8573-1) class 1.4.1





At connection point 2,5 m3/min at min

160 mBar,

Noise level

<0 7m5 mdB (A)






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 Centaurus Mill and Press for XRF analysis