Introducing the JC1250 Jaw Crusher  a compact, affordable and reliable workhorse for your laboratory. The JC1250 has evolved from an intensive two and a half year research and development program. Modelled off the tried, tested and larger Essa┬« JC2501, the JC1250 packs power and value for high workload crushing. Equipped with a heavy duty 7.5 kW electric motor, the JC1250 equals that of the JC2501, but with half the crushing chamber width, providing extra torque and power. Capable of handling up to an 80 mm feed size at speeds 140 kg per hour while producing product 85% passing 2mm. The JC1250 Jaw Crusher is designed to be used for crushing ores, minerals, metallurgical samples, ceramics and similar particulate. It is well suited to high volume mineral laboratories that regularly prepare rock and drill chip samples, or to any remote laboratory where minimal maintenance is an advantage.

Key Benefits Include

  • 80 mm feed size that handles a wide range of applications
  • 40:1 reduction ratio
  • Fast throughput for its size of up to 140 kg/hr to produce 85% passing 2 mm
  • Low maintenance- sealed bearing and easily accessible grease points for simple greasing


Download BrochureEssa JC 1250