QCX® DCF820 Dosing, Cleaning and Fusing Unit

The fully-automated DCF820 prepares fused beads for x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis at a typical rate of 8 beads per hour. It precisely manages the dosing of the flux and the material sample, the casting the fused beads and the cleaning of the crucibles afterwards.

This process happens in three functionally separated sections: a top section – consisting of an integrated muffle furnace and linear manipulator; a middle section – consisting of a high-precision flux and sample dosing station operating at 0.001 g precision levels; and a lower section – consisting of a linear manipulator, ultrasonic bath and rinsing / drying station to clean the crucibles returned from the fusion process.

The automated dosing and weighing function of the DCF820 is one of its core strengths as it ensures optimal reproducibility and analytical quality. The dilution ratio and flux type can be adjusted from sample to sample, according to recipe, achieving dilution ratios with an accuracy of +/-0.15%. The furnace can store up to 32 unique fusion programs.

DCF820 is designed for installation in an automated laboratory where robots handle all containers and samples.

  • Cost-effective automated preparation of fused beads.
  • Accurate weighing of sample and flux.
  • Optimal reproducibility.
  • Reduction of manual tasks.
  • Trouble-free operation.
  • Easy maintenance of all sections of the equipment.

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