The TGA100 automatically performs all procedures required for isothermal thermogravimetric analysis or loss on ignition in combination with loss on drying of pulverized  materials. The instrument is fully automated handling; the dosing and weighing of sample material, the heating and weighing of samples, cleaning and recycling of crucibles, as well as background measurements using empty crucibles. 

The instrument is configurable with up to 5 indivudual furnaces. These furnaces can be operated sequentially or in paralell to provide the maximum flexibility and throughput.

Key Benefits Include

  • Fully automated analysis from powder to data
  • Analytical flexibility- multiple furnaces for different temperature steps or high throughput
  • Scalable design from 2 - 5 furnaces
  • Modular design that can be operated stand alone, in a robotic circle, or in an at-line container